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Fiber Cement | Plywood and Engineered Wood Siding | Western Red Cedar Siding

Hardie Plank siding with Ron

Picking out just the right type of siding for your Pacific Northwest Home can be a challenge, but we at Shur-Way are here to assist as best as we can. Shur-Way offers many traditional wood siding options in Western Red Cedar, panelized options such as T-1-11, engineered siding such as LP’s SmartSide, and Fiber Cement composites such as James Hardie.


Fiber Cement

Shur-Way is proud to carry both Cemplank and HardiPlank fiber cement siding made by James Hardie. Fiber cement siding is made up of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers and creates a very long lasting, low maintenance siding. HardiPlank siding comes in lap, panels, soffit, and trim and can be ordered pre-painted or just as pre-primed. Cemplank is very similar to Hardiplank, but only comes in 8 ¼” cedar grain lap.

Hardiplank Siding
8.25 Cemplank Fiber Cement Siding


Plywood and Engineered Wood Siding

Plywood and Engineered wood siding typically comes in 4×8’, 4×9’, or 4×10’ panels and is relatively easy to install and relatively low in cost as compared to other wood alternatives. Shur-Way has a long tradition of seeking out the best quality ‘shop’ grade sidings that can be found in the NW and offering these out as inexpensively as possible so as to provide low cost siding options for any of your outdoor projects.

We will often have T-1-11 siding on hand in Plain (Non-grooved), 4” On Center, 8” On Center, or 12” On Center (Reverse Board and Batten).

Manufacturers of these products include:
Louisiana Pacific SmartSide

T-1-11 Siding
Plain Rough Sawn Soffit – Radiata Pine


Western Red Cedar Siding

Western Red Cedar Siding

For many years Western Red Cedar has stood out as the ultimate siding choice for homes in the Pacific Northwest. It has a very NW feel with its timeless beauty and natural durability, but it is also relatively expensive. If cedar siding is something you want to look into we are happy at Shur-Way to explore the many different cedar siding options available. We keep a number of natural and pre-primed options on hand in cedar shingles, shakes, bevel and channel sidings and have numerous hard to find other options available to us as well.

Real Cedar Profile Types