Hardwood Lumber

Shur-Way has an ever-expanding inventory of hardwood lumber. The vast majority of
our hardwood lumber is available in a surfaced 3-sides format. This means the lumber is
sanded smooth on the front and back, and straight-line cut on one edge. The finish
thickness for 1″ (or 4/4) lumber is 13/16″. This allows us to provide hardwood lumber for
a wide variety of needs at very reasonable prices!

Cherry & Poplar Lumber
Exotic Hardwood Lumber

Commonly Stocked Hardwoods

Red Oak Cherry Hard Maple
Alder Aromatic Cedar Walnut
Maple Braxilian Cherry Ash
Poplar African Mahogany Maranti
Hickory Purple Heart Beech
Blood Wood Zebra Wood Lace Wood


Hardwood Plywood

If there is one thing that Shur-Way is known for – more than any other – it is our huge, on hand selection of ‘shop’ grade hardwood plywood. You can travel all around the country and not find the unique selection of specially priced hardwood plywoods that Shur-Way is able to offer on a daily basis. What you will find is not damaged, ugly panels; but frequently ‘A’ or ‘B’ faced high end panels that have some small flaw that precludes them from leaving the factory as a regular ‘High-Line’ panel. Due in part to our proximity Shur-Way for years has been able to work with a number of these manufacturers to bring in these downfall items at a fraction of their normal costs. If you are willing to work around these small flaws and blemishes then you will find many exciting and beautiful hardwood panels in stock at remarkable savings. It is not just traditional hardwood plywood panels either, as we receive beautiful hardwood beaded panels, prefinished panels, and much more. If you are a cabinet maker or a weekend warrior we think it will be worth your time to stop in and see what Shur-Way has in stock for you!

Cherry & Poplar Lumber


Hardwood Mouldings

For interior trim work, cabinet making, and furniture building we are happy to be stocking a number of helpful hardwood mouldings to add detail and make your job faster and easier. Due to more space we have more of these profiles in stock at our Vancouver Yard, but know that we can easily transfer within a day or two anything you may want. We carry a variety of crown mouldings, panel moulds, trim pieces and sometimes ‘Smooth 4-side’ flat stock in the following species:

Hardwood Mouldings
Oak Hardwood Mouldings

We Typically Stock:

Red Oak Clear Alder Knotty Alder
Maple Cherry Poplar
Hickory Walnut

We are happy to try and help you find whatever you may be looking for in hardwood mouldings or if its not available put you in contact with a local craftsman who may be able to assist.