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Ready to Upgrade Your Fence Panels?

Do you have an old chain-link fence around your yard? Thinking it would be nice to have a privacy fence for your home and family? Did you just find out your property line isn’t where you thought it was? (Hopefully in your favor!) Whatever the reason, when you need fencing in Vancouver WA, come by Shur-way Building Centers! Our friendly and helpful staff can do anything from helping you choose the type and quantity of your fencing material to simply loading up your called-in order for you.

We Have a Huge Selection of Quality Wood Fence Panels!

While some big box stores may technically have more choices than us, you have to sift through the low-grade wood to find anything worth buying. Not with us. We only stock high-quality materials so you don’t put up your fence only to have it become permanently stained or decayed within a year or two. Since we focus only on these top-grade wood fencing products, we’re able to keep them at a fair price while providing superior service! For a perfect blend of superior quality and reasonable price, you won’t find better materials for your fence project.

Our Shur-Fence is sure to impress!

We know that fencing material can make or break your entire project. While we’ve had many kinds of high-quality products since we opened our doors over 30 years ago, we noticed wood used for fences with a staining treatment would last long and was a step we recommended to our customers. Because of this, we decided to develop our own style of fence called the Shur-Fence, which we believe are the best quality wood fences — and they come at an affordable price!

  • The Shur-Fence is made from our top-grade Douglas Fir
  • This wood is pre-treated with Exterior Wood’s premium Elite Wood Stain
  • Because it’s pre-treated, it’s low-maintenance and easy to care for
  • And we can do all of this for less than unstained cedar!

Fencing in Vancouver WA by Shur-way Building Centers

Choose Us for Your Quality Fencing Materials!

When you need lumber for a quality fence, don’t sit and wait in a giant warehouse for impersonal service from someone who may or may not be from the electrical department. At Shur-Way, we’ve been serving the Vancouver WA area for over 40 years; we have decades of satisfied customers to back us up. Since the 80s, we’ve been helping our neighbors improve their outdoor living spaces with gorgeous and durable fencing solutions.

We focus on building supplies and use this specialized knowledge to help you with your project so your fence or deck installation will be as painless as possible and still look great. With our experienced team to give you expert advice, you can rest assured you’re getting the most value for your money. So fill out our contact form or give us a call so we can help you today!

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